Goldkeep is the capitol of the world government, In it rests the seat of all power. It is an enormous bridge built between the two huge islands of Maggeton Major and Maggeton Minor. The city has spread out onto both islands and has the single largest population of any place in the world at the moment. Here live all the world nobles as on Maggeton Minor is where the sea god first granted them power. the city supported by 12 colossal arches each with different ports built into their bases and many ships sail out from it in every direction daily. On Maggeton Major the Navy Headquarters is located inside an enormous fortification with all manner of cannon pointed out to sea. The city itself is extremely heavily defended with many of the navy personnel walking the streets during off hours.

the city is broken up into two layers, the upper decks are where many merchants and shops are located along with richer peoples and upper class folk. and the lower layers known as the archway where many of the middle class and houses are. The “Streets” of Goldkeep are many crossed walkways and shambly houses built into the walls of the 12 great arches bunching up denser and denser into layers as you get closer to the upper deck.

Maggeton minor is the living place of the World Nobles and only they are allowed to set foot beyond the edge of the bridge of Goldkeep. They live in a secluded walled city of decadence known as The Great Crystal Citadel. The island itself is little more than a sheer slab of rock jutting up from the great blueness of the sea, its walls nearly sheer with the crystal citadel perched atop its plinth.

The Mage academy is nestled near the gates to the Crystal citadel and on the highest decks. Only the most wealthy of nobles can afford to send their children there and the spoiled offspring of the elite use their spells to harass the commonfolk regularly.

The lower area is known as the Silver Terrace, This shady awful part of the city is the seedy district, it was built upon the rubble after the great collapse. In a precious war a large chunk of Goldkeep bridge collapsed into the sea and the silver terrace was built upon the rubble.

Total population: 54140
Humans: 43312
elves : 541
dwarves: 4331
halflings/gnomes: 5414
Other: 541
Total guard: 722
In addition, 677 clergy tend to the spiritual needs of the City , and are overseen by 27 ordained priests.


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