Pirate Players

SO I want you guys to think about these questions for yourself on who you want to be:

1) what drove me from the safety of my homeland to seek the sea? Fame, Fortune, Glory, you had no other choice?

2) What Role will I fill on a ship? The ship needs ot be self Sufficient! Navigator, Gunner, captain, Musician, Cook, Doctor, Shipwright

3) What are my long term goals? the sea is vast and angry and ruled by both good and evil people, do you aspire to join their auspicious ranks? or amass the greatest treasure horde in the world?

aaaand 4)
whats your pirate moniker, I want some good ones guys.
Sword Juggling Hank Hackne
Fishbreath Hannibal
Cheatin Patrick Napier

so do all that IN ADDITION to your class race etc

Pirate Players

Pirate world matt_gemlo