Pirate world

Silver Terrace Journal

Three Tooth Bill was Three Tooth Killed

Today the infamous pirate Three Tooth Bill was killed aboard his ship the Wreckenhammer by a small group of navy cadets. The pirate was known for his attacks on merchant ships throughout the Goldkeep area and the seas are now a bit safer with this pirate no longer roaming the waters. His crew went down much less easily it seems however, Three Tooth was left alone on his ship with a minimal crew as he was in port. His crew returned to find his ship sunk and their captain dead, these rapscallions then proceeded to start a Brawl at the Prancing Flamingo Bar down in the Silver Terrace. Many of them had been detained.

Alchemist Attack!

The Inn in the lower districts known only as the Slimy Skeever has dissapeared overnight! The building was found in the morning completely gone with no trace but a slimy green and pink alchemal mess where the building was. Witnesses say the inn was full of people when suddenly a loud whoosing noise followed by a lewd squelch heard across the street and the building was no more, pink clouds were all that remained of the bar. If you know anything about this please inform your nearest navy post.

Merchant Ship Stolen!

Violetta Floriana has reported the loss of one of her merchant fleet and has posted the bounty of 500 gold pieces for its safe return. It is unknown who has stolen the ship as it seems they took it in a bit of a scuffle with the dockworkers. A small fire was started near the vessel causing much of the ships crew to protect their ship. The scallywags who took the ship then appeared out of nowhere and sailed off aboard their stolen prize.

Paider The Pirate Annihilator has joined the Navy!

Yes you read that right people of the terrace the notorious pirate killer Paider has been spotted wearing an Navy uniform. A young boy by the name of Nof has told us that Paider has been going about the town cleaning up the place, He saved a small group of kids earlier and may have had some hand in the death of Three Tooth Bill. Will this legendary crime fighter be able to clean up the scum in Goldkeeps seediest district?! Only time will tell.



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